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Dreamgenii Snuggleroo Baby Carrier Charcoal Grey

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The award-winning Dreamgenii® SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier is a soft, comfortable and cotton baby carrier that effortlessly slips on. The carrier is easily adjustable for the perfect fit every time – an instant baby carrier come sling – with no wrapping! Easy to adjust for the perfect fit every time.It has been designed to recreate the movement and tight embrace of the womb. The calming feeling of security that it creates provides physical and emotional benefits to baby.

It has two adjustable straps and a support band that makes the carrier easy to adapt and offers four positions as baby develops – from birth to 12 months. The design also allows parents to keep their hands free, which is essential for busy parents.

The Dreamgenii® SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier has been specially designed to comply with the guidelines of the International Institute of Hip Dysplasia. It allows the baby’s hips to fall or move apart on each side, while supporting baby’s thighs and leaving their knees bent.

The carrier can also be transformed into a practical storage bag.