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Quilted Bag Black

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The quilted flap  and  the neat shape of the  new bag make it extremely elegant. It will decorate  every stroller . It can also  be worn over the shoulder . Facilitates organization and quick access to the necessary items thanks to the  system of pockets and compartments .

–         Aesthetic appearance , a  practical bag for various occasions: walking with a child, shopping or fitness

–         Durable materials  ready for everyday challenges

–         Elegant quilted flap with velcro closure for  quick access to the contents

–         A set of handy pockets  for various small items: a pacifier, a pen, tickets, tissues

–         Main zipped pocket  has  a compartment for organizing  accessories

–         Additional zipped pocket  on the back of the bag

–         Straps : for hanging the bag on the handle of the trolley and carrying it over the shoulder