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Chicco Boppy Comfyfit Baby Carrier Grey

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The Chicco Boppy Comfyfit Baby Carrier Grey is the most convenient way to carry your baby: simply click, strap, and tie. Because of its basic and sturdy structure, which is both comfortable and soothing, this Carrier instils confidence in baby wearing. The lightweight, silky fabric, inspired by yoga wear, glides with you and your baby, supporting your active lifestyle.

This device is designed to be “comfortable” for both the parent and the child. It’s really simple to use and keep up with. The zipped pocket is conveniently located to hold your keys, phone, and other things while out and about without jeopardising your child’s comfort. You can use this product again and again because you can quickly wash it to get rid of those unavoidable accidents and spills. When you’re not using your Carrier, you can keep it in the “stash n’ go” pouch, which is ideal for excursions with the family, trips abroad, and days out.

Key Features:

  • There’s no need for a baby insert because it fits perfectly
  • Because the Carrier is one size fits all, it’s simple to share it with other caregivers
  • Front face-in and front face-out are two comfortable carrying positions
  • The cushioned waist belt and wide shoulder straps are both comfy
  • The waist belt has a zippered pocket
  • The Baby’s weight should be between 8 and 35 pounds

Dimensions: 60 x 48 x 1.5cm