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Kinderkraft Xpedition 0-36kg (Grey)


Are you looking for one car seat that’ll serve your child for many years? Learn all about Kinderkraft Car Seat XPEDITION Grey: a 0-36 kg swivel car seat with ISOFIX that can be installed in the rearward and forward facing position (RWF up to 18 kg, FWF from 9 to 36 kg). It can be used by littlies in four weight groups (ECE 0+/I/II/III):
from birth up to 13 kg (ECE 0+ group),
from 9 to 18 kg (ECE I group),
from 15 to 25 kg (ECE II group),
from 22 to 36 kg (ECE III group).

It has been subjected to rigorous crash testing at the renowned Dutch TASS INTERNATIONAL institute. Thanks to special systems, transporting your youngster in the XPEDITION car seat increases travel safety. The H-GUARD SYSTEM protects your baby’s delicate neck, head and shoulders. The SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM protects the torso – it’s responsible for reinforcing the sides of the car seat so that they absorb the force of impact during side collisions.

Kinderkraft Car Seat XPEDITION Grey is a swivel car seat (360 degrees) with an integrated base – this enables you to easily and quickly turn the car seat sideways towards the door so you can effortlessly put your little one in and secure them using the safety harness. Depending on the age group, the car seat is installed using the ISOFIX system, TOP TETHER strap and/or the car’s seat belts.


Crash tested – just like all Kinderkraft car seats, XPEDITION is subjected to rigorous crash testing at the renowned Dutch TASS INTERNATIONAL institute. The car seat continues being subjected to multi-stage testing even after it’s launched.
H-GUARD SYSTEM – thanks to the reinforced sides of the head restraint, your child’s delicate neck, head and shoulders are well protected. The head restraint can be adjusted to seven positions.
SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM – the sides of the car seat are reinforced, meaning it provides even better protection for your baby’s hips, shoulders and torso.
ISOFIX and TOP TETHER – for children in the 0+ and I groups, it gets installed using the ISOFIX and TOP TETHER, and you secure your little one with the internal safety harness. For older children (groups II and III), the car seat is affixed using ISOFIX and the child is secured using the car’s seat belt. In these groups, there’s also the option of using the car seat in cars without ISOFIX.
Integrated base – the car seat has an integrated base, which ensures it can be securely and sturdily installed in the car.
Correct installation indicators – XPEDITION features ISOFIX correct installation indicators, TOP TETHER and an indicator confirming that the car seat is locked in the RWF or FWF position. This means you can be sure that you haven’t made a mistake when affixing.
Injection technology – XPEDITION’s shell is made using the latest injection technology, which guarantees greater durability and better quality of finishes.
Interior made of EPS – the inside of the side protection, base of the seat and the head restraint are filled with durable EPS material, which provides good absorption of energy upon impact.
Internal five-point safety harness – the car seat has a sturdy, adjustable internal safety harness with a durable buckle by SHIELD – a well-known US brand. Equipped with the ANTI-SLIPPERY SYSTEM: the safety harness pads are covered on the bottom with a non-slip surface, which prevents them from sliding off of your darling’s shoulders.
Convenient belt guides – these make it easier to correctly secure your littlie with the car’s seat belts. This means the risk of running the belt incorrectly is minimal.
The materials used to produce the car seat are tested by the renowned INTERTEK institute, so you can be sure that they’re safe for both younger and older passengers.

EASY SPIN 360° – this enables you to easily and quickly turn the car seat sideways, so you can effortlessly put your baby inside. Thanks to this option, you’ll also find it easier to take them out.
RECLINING SYSTEM – allows the angle of incline of the car seat to be adjusted using one hand. This means you can conveniently adapt the car seat angle to your child’s needs, thus increasing their comfort during car trips. The car seat has five positions: one RWF and four FWF.
EASY GROW SYSTEM – enables quick and simultaneous adapting of the height of the head restraint (seven positions) and the internal safety harness to your youngster’s height. Thanks to this, the safety harness and head restraint are even better tailored to your child.
Extensive adjustment options – the wide range of adjustment and large seat enable you to use the car seat for both younger and older children.

Hiding the safety harness – when the time comes to secure your little one using the car’s seat belt, you can easily place the internal five-point safety harness in the handy compartment.
Two inserts – the XPEDITION car seat has two separate inserts designed for children up to 5 kg and 12 kg. This means that even very petite children can travel in safety and comfort.
Ventilation holes – the XPEDITION 0-36 kg car seat has holes in the shell at the back to ensure additional air flow on hot days, guaranteeing comfort.
You install the base only once – you just affix the car seat in the car, and then adjust it to the given age group. You don’t have to configure the integrated base, as it’s already secured in the car.
Easy to clean – the upholstery can be removed and washed. It’s easy to keep the car seat clean for many years. The material is pleasant to the touch – your youngster will be comfortable on both short and long trips.