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TWINNY double hands free electronic breast pump

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Are you one of those mums who are always on the move? If so, we can provide you with a product that will prove suitable for your active lifestyle.

The TWINNY wireless breast pump will let you take numerous actions at a time – as you like! All you need to do is hide it in your nursing bra. It will express milk and you will take other motherly actions.

TWINNY is a double electronic breast pump so you can use it for one or both breasts, depending on circumstances and needs.

Discreet and light. It will help you gain freedom of movement and more time.



This is a hands-free breast pump. This innovative product will let you express milk and take other actions at the same time. What are these? It depends entirely on you! Free your hands and get time for yourself.


You decide if the breast pump is to be used for one or both breasts, thus collecting more milk. You can connect both bodies through a special drain tube whose length can be adapted as per your liking.


The TWINNY electronic breast pump is wireless – comes with a built-in battery. It is light and hidden in the nursing bra for discreet expression of milk in any conditions.


A three-phase breast pump offers 9 suction power levels. There are 3 working modes to choose from – lactation stimulation, deep milk expression and dual frequency – perfect for emptying breasts.


You can be sure that milk expression is hygenic and safe. A special membrane and valve secure the product so milk cannot penetrate the pump and drain tube.


A clear display shows the working mode and suction level of the breast pump. You can also see working time and battery status. Thanks to large buttons, it is very easy to use the device.


The set includes a basic funnel: 28 cm and two reducers: 21 mm and 24 mm. Thanks to this, you can adjust the size of the funnel to your nipple. These parts are made of a soft silicone so they cannot irritate your skin.

Long working time

The three-phase breast pump can operate on a full battery for up to 2 hours. It is supplied with the automatic shutdown mode (after 30 minutes). You can quickly charge it with a USB-C cable.


We have made sure the product is of high quality. The TWINNY double breast pump is made of a special fabric designed for food contact.


1. Expression mode – in this mode, you can set the suction power from 1 to 9. Particular levels differ in terms of suction power – from low to high.

2. 2-in-1 mode, that is pumping and massage – the cycle composed of 8 massaging movements, followed by 1 suction movement. This mode is recommended to soothe full breast pain and to stimulate them to express more milk in short time.

3. Dual frequency mode combines advantages of the alternating suction, with big and small power. The alternatepower suction cycle (weak – break – strong) can effectively help you stimulate hollow nipples.

Technical properties

  • Content of the set:
  • TWINNY breast pump, 2 bodies
  • drain, feeding tube for second body
  • 2 silicone funnel reducers with a diameter of 21 mmand 24 mm
  • USB-C charging cable
  • store bag
  • body volume – 150 ml
  • single body weight – 277 g
  • battery capacity – 1100 mAh
  • working time on full battery: about 120 min.