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Toy bar MoMi JOY

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MoMi JOY stands out with its easy clamps installation. They are universal and fit most baby cots, strollers, bouncers and car seats. MoMi JOY toy bar has an adjustable angle of inclination, which makes it easy to fit it to your baby’s needs and adjust it so the Little One can easily reach the toys. On the toy bar, there are 4 plush and felt sheep. You can detach the toys and use them on their own. You can wash them in a washing machine.


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Artboard – 2_1.jpg Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Subdued colours which do not distract the child’s attention
  • Delicate and soft toys, made from high-quality textiles, including velvet and felt
  • 4 sensory toys — rustling and squeaking ones, they can be removed and used on their own, not on the toy bar
  • Can be set at an angle appropriate for the child
  • The toys can be machine-washed

Brand MoMi