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    Suavinex Zero Zero Newborn Starter Set

    18.95 inc. VAT



    Suavinex Zero Zero set includes a -2/2m soother & 180ml adaptable bottle.


    The New Zero Zero Soother has a ventilated design for less contact with the skin, suitable for newborn’s sensitive skin.


    Breastfeeding friendly 

    It’s texture, colour and shape minimise nipple confusion, helping to ensure that breastfeeding is properly established during the baby’s first few days.


    SX PRO Physiological teat

    • It’s symmetrical shape respects the natural position of the tongue during sucking.
    • Thanks to its thin neck and flat head it helps respect oral development.
    • Size specially designed for the first few days of life, even for premature babies.
    • Thanks to its small size and light weight, it adapts better to the baby’s face.
    • 100% medical grade silicone
    • Dermatologically tested


    The Zero Zero Adaptable 180ml Bottle has a textured silicone nipple, flat, inclined and coloured.


    Fruit of the simple observation of nature, the patented anti-colic pocket contracts as baby sucks, as do the mammary glands. The bag does not need outside air to compensate for the vacuum that occurs inside, which is why there are no bubbles. This helps prevent baby’s colic gas, while preventing the air from oxidizing the milk and destroying the nutrients.


    Made of semi-rigid, flexible and very durable silicone, the bag is easily washed, without special cleaning accessories. Indicated even for premature babies with low suction force.


    Adaptable Flow – Its opening allows more or less liquid to flow depending on the strength with which the baby sucks.


    Specifically designed for combined breast and bottle feeding.


    How to use

    Sterilize well before giving it to baby and read the instructions carefully