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It is equipped with the highest quality aluminum wheels. Thanks to them, you can easily and smoothly adjust the size of the sling, adjusting it to the needs of the wearer and the size of the child. It also does not require tying, which for some may be a significant facilitation. It is especially liked by fathers, who can thus easily and actively engage in the care of the baby. Before using the product for a baby born prematurely or with diseases, consult a doctor.

The sling helps to be close to the child, cuddle and deepen the most beautiful possible bond. It makes many everyday activities possible without leaving the child. The parent has both hands free, which allows for considerable freedom and activity, with full contact and the ability to recognize the child’s needs immediately when it signals them. 

The sling allows you to take your child on an interesting trip, a walk to a favorite place where it is difficult to reach with a pram. It facilitates convenient use of public transport, overcoming stairs and visiting interesting places. Our scarves are made of colorful fabric patterns, among which everyone will find something for themselves.

Comfort and safety for the child

  • made of airy, anti-allergic cotton
  • supports the satisfaction of the natural need for closeness
  • the vertical position supports the development of the digestive system, facilitates the child’s digestion and helps with constipation
  • is recommended by the foundation “Dar dla Smallest”
  • while carrying, it perfectly supports the child’s back, giving it a C-shape (the natural curvature of the newborn’s spine), and the correct pelvis tuck allows the hip joints to be set in a position that supports their proper development (legs should be spaced approx. 60°-90° in relation to the body axis, and knees slightly higher than the butt (the so-called letter “M”)
  • carrying in a sling is a great help in the difficult moments of the first diseases, colic or painful teething

Comfort for you

  • a baby in a sling seems much lighter
  • carrying in a sling does not overload the spine or hands – the sling takes the weight of the child
  • irreplaceable during longer walks, you can also feed in it comfortably and discreetly
  • folded takes up little space – you can always have it with you
  • it has the highest quality aluminum wheels that make it easy to adjust the sling

Product information

  • type of product: Ring slings, woven with a cross-twill weave, with one-sided print
  • purpose: from birth to 2 years (from 3.5 kg to 13 kg)
  • wearing options: on the stomach, on the side
  • meets European Safety Standards
  • made in Poland
  • packed: cardboard box (each carrier comes with an instruction manual)
  • dimensions: 70 x 195 cm
  • made of safe, certified fabrics that meet human-ecological requirements

Washing recipe

It is recommended to wash by hand, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, iron at a maximum of 150 ° C, do not dry clean. When washing the scarf, do not use fabric softeners, bleaches or other detergents containing bleaches


100% Cotton; fabric weave: twill-cross; grammage: 210 gsm