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OPTI is a revolutionary baby rocker that provides exceptional child comfort. With the needs and safety of the child in mind, the CARETERO brand introduces a modern device that offers three operating modes and the ability to fully control the sitting position for maximum relaxation and pleasure. The rocker can be operated remotely using a remote control.

The most important features:

• 360-degree seat rotation – OPTI allows the seat to rotate fully 360 degrees, so the rocker does not have to be moved so that the parent can supervise the sleeping child while moving around the room;

• adjustable bouncer inclination – thanks to three different angles of the bouncer, parents can adjust the position to the child’s preferences and needs, ensuring maximum comfort during a nap or play;

• mosquito net – providing protection against insects, the mosquito net will protect your child against bites;

• three operating modes: OPTI offers three different rocking modes, including rocking the rear part of the bouncer, rocking the entire bouncer and rocking the front part of the bouncer, providing versatile and personalized entertainment for the toddler;

• advanced safety – with the safety of the youngest users in mind, OPTI is equipped with seat belts that prevent the toddler from falling out of the lounger;

• intuitive control panel – allows easy operation and adjustment of rocking settings according to needs, ensuring quick and comfortable use of the device;

• stylish design – OPTI impresses not only with its functionality, but also with its modern and elegant design;

• motion detection mode – after turning on this option, OPTI will automatically start working when it senses that the baby sleeping in the rocker starts to wriggle.