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    Nuk Breast Shell Set

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    NUK Shells Collect Breast Milk x2


    NUK Shells Collect Breast Milk is a shell kit that protects sensitive and sore nipples and helps in collecting excess milk. Kit of 2 shells. The NUK Breast Milk Collection Shells has the following characteristics:

    Collecting Shells

    • Collect breast milk while breastfeeding or expressing
    • Anatomical shape for a perfect fit
    • With a practical anti-splash mechanism for expressing breast milk

    Ventilated Protective Shells

    • Protect nipples from irritation
    • Avoid contact of nipples with clothing
    • Anatomical shape for a perfect fit
    • Ventilation holes that allow air to circulate so that sore nipples heal faster

    Silicone Pads

    • For placement in the Collecting and Protective Shells
    • Very soft silicone for greater comfort