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Muuvo Slick 2.0 Tropical Green

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The newest 3 in1 Muuvo Slick 2.0 baby stroller is available in TOSIA.pl stores! Muuvo Slick 2.0 has large, gel wheels and very good shock absorption, it is a stroller for any terrain. The Muuvo Slick 2.0 stroller has a closed, large basket with easy access from both sides. The handle in the stroller is adjustable. The carrycot is equipped with a 3D Airflow ventilation panel – three ventilation zones that provide ventilation even on the hottest days. The Muuvo Slick 2.0 gondola is made of a thicker and elegant structured fabric and, with the use of Hot Pressed Lines technology, the number of stitching is reduced. The gondola is large and comfortable for a baby. The Memory Buttons memory system makes it easier to detach and attach the carrycot with one hand.


Muuvo Slick 2.0 stroller available in TOSIA.pl stores


The buggy seat is fastened forward and backward facing. The backrest of the seat has holes – a perforation system combined with additional ventilation elements placed in the fabric of the seat, this ensures comfort and constant air flow during walks, the child sweats less. In addition, the Muuvo Slick 2.0 stroller has the Up To You system, which allows you to simultaneously adjust the height of the headrest, hood and belts. The stroller is folded with one hand movement from the stroller both forward and rearward facing, and when folded, it stands alone on four wheels.


Walking seat in the Muuvo Slick 2.0 stroller with additional ventilation


The set includes useful accessories: mosquito net, rain cover, nursing bag and a cover for the child’s legs.


Muuvo Slick 2.0 stroller



  • for every terrain;
  • elegant black frame;
  • larger rear wheels, smaller front wheels, swivel with the possibility of blocking for straight ahead;
  • simple folding flat;
  • folding even in a stroller seat;
  • closed, large basket with easy access from both sides;



  • weight 4.5 kg;
  • internal dimensions LxW: 78 cm x 34 cm;
  • spacious, softly padded gondola;
  • soft mattress;
  • easy to attach and detach from the frame – Memory Buttons memory system;
  • the cover for the legs is included;
  • enlarged booth;
  • ventilation panel made of airy mesh – 3D Airflow ventilation;
  • folds flat;




  • buttoned front and back to the parent;
  • backrest folds flat;
  • adjustable height of the backrest, hood and belts;
  • adjustable footrest;
  • detachable club;
  • five-point harness;
  • large, enlarged booth with a panel made of breathable mesh;
  • folds flat, even with the seat attached in the forward or rearward facing position.




  • mosquito net;
  • raincover;
  • practical bag;
  • foot cover;