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     Muuvo Quick SE Sunset Black

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    On to every element – these features certainly distinguish the latest Muuvo QUICK SE . The stroller of the Polish manufacturer is extremely stylish and elegant, it will easily meet the expectations of every parent . The highest quality ecological leather was used to cover the handle to guide the stroller and the safety barrier. Thanks to additional, very elegant stitching , these elements conquer even more the class of this model.

    What distinguishes Quick SE is a carrycot attached to height adapters to ensure the comfort of tall parents. The frame also includes buttons with a memory function , which makes detaching the gondola and seat very easy and convenient . The seat belts can be adjusted very conveniently and with just one hand. The QUICK SE stroller certainly focuses on the greatest possible comfort of parents and children .

    The Avionaut PIXEL PRO car seat differs from its prototype – Pixel – e.g. with a non-integrated sun visor. As a result, when lowering the handle of the seat , the canopy remains raised to protect the baby from the sun’s rays . The new version of the seat does not differ in any way in terms of functionality and maximum safety of the child. The seat remains just as light – just 2.5 kg . Of course, it also comes with a unique inlay that you can change according to your child’s growth and development.

    MUUVO QUICK SE baby stroller 3in1 |  Avionaut PIXEL PRO seat 1

    MUUVO QUICK SE stroller 3in1 – equipment description:

    • The gel wheels of the Quick SE model are completely maintenance-free and puncture resistant
    • Thanks to the front swivel wheels, the stroller is extremely agile and easy to maneuver
    • The impressive internal dimensions of the gondola translate into the maximum comfort of the child during walks and rest
    • Sunshades come in large sizes, and you can also adjust them to suit the current weather conditions
    • Ventilation nets in sun shades ensure adequate air circulation, which is very important especially on warm summer days.
    • The possibility of attaching a walking seat in both directions of travel is a great solution, because it will allow you to ensure maximum comfort
    • The presence of safety belts and a railing will translate into the child’s safety
    • The seat has a double-sided insert that will provide thermal comfort to your toddler at any time of the year
    • Adjusting the backrest at three heights will allow you to adjust it to best suit your child’s needs
    • The height-adjustable footrest will ensure that the legs can be supported so that they do not hang down unknowingly, especially during naps
    • The presence of a shopping basket at the bottom of the stroller will allow you to do shopping while walking with your baby
    • You can change the position of the trolley guide to ensure the best driving comfort
    • The direction of attaching the walking seat is no obstacle to folding the frame
    • The manufacturer adds a large number of accessories to the set to maximize the functionality of the stroller
    • Additional elements included in the set are : mosquito net, rain cover, increasing adapters, foot cover in the form of a sleeping bag and a practical care bag
    MUUVO QUICK SE baby stroller 3in1 + Avionaut PIXEL PRO 2
    MUUVO QUICK SE baby stroller 3in1 + Avionaut PIXEL PRO 3
    MUUVO QUICK SE baby stroller 3in1 + Avionaut PIXEL PRO 4
    MUUVO QUICK SE baby stroller 3in1 + Avionaut PIXEL PRO 5
    3in1 trolley for a boy Muuvo Quick SE + Avionaut PIXEL PRO seat
    3in1 stroller for girls Muuvo Quick SE + Avionaut PIXEL PRO car seat

    Take care of your well-being during walks with your baby. The newest stroller from the Polish manufacturer Muuvo will certainly help you with this . The QUICK SE model will be perfect for you both in the city and on more difficult ground . It has gel and completely maintenance-free wheels that are resistant to punctures. In addition, this type of wheels provides good cushioning , thanks to which the child does not feel any shocks and his sleep remains undisturbed. Quick SE gives you a wide range of adjustment options , thanks to which you can adjust the stroller to your and your child’s current needs .

    Look at the colours of the stroller the manufacturer offers and choose the best variant:


    • Quick SE Sunset Black.