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    MoMi TORDI car seat 360 carseat Grey

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    MoMi TORDI can seat is suitable for children in groups:0+, I, II, III so from 0 up to 36 kg. It is comfortable, spacious and safe. In MoMi TORDI car seat child can travel rearward facing up to 18 kg! The car seat has a 4-point backrest adjustment angle. The durable construction of the MoMi TORDI car seat is ensured thanks to the shell made of HDPE. The car seat has an 11-point headrest adjustment.
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    MoMi TORDI grows with your child and adjusts to their current needs. It has an option to fasten the seat belts using a 5-point belt and car seat belts. The swivel base- 360 degrees is incredibly comfortable! Not only does it make putting the child in the seat easy but also allows one to change its configuration without the need to deinstall the car seat. The car seat has the safest mounting system ISOFIX and an additional point of anchorage TOP TETHER. MoMi TORDI complies with European Union requirements and it has a TUV certificate.

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    Artboard – 2_1.jpg Features:

    • can be installed rearwards or forward-facing
    • comfortable swivel base- 360 degree
    • from 0 up to 36 kg
    • suitable for 0+, I, II, III groups
    • ISOFIX attachment system
    • TOP TETHER attachment system
    • 11-point headrest adjustment
    • 5-point seat belt
    • adjustment of the height of the safety belt
    • deep headrest
    • removable upholstery that can be washed in a washing machine
    • reduction insert for a baby
    • 4-point inclination angle adjustment of the backrest
    • durable construction, HDPE shell
    • TUV certificate

    Brand: MoMi

    Model: TORDI

    Child weight: from 0 to 36 kg
    Rear-facing: up to 18 kg
    Fastening systems: ISOFIX, TOP TETHER
    Approval: ECE R44/04 certificate, TUV certificate
    External dimensions: 52x48x63cm
    Weight: 9.2 kg