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MoMi REVO baby cot 2in1

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The MoMi REVO 2-in-1 baby cot can serve as both a stand-alone baby cot and a bedside cot where your little one will feel safe and comfortable. Keep your little one close to you with our adjustable-height baby cot that can be easily adapted to match the height of your bed.  The MoMi REVO baby cot offers 6 levels of adjustment. Zip off the side of the baby cot whenever you need more comfort and easy access to your little one. The baby cot is also equipped with a special strap to attach it to your bed, and a wheel lock to prevent uncontrolled movement.
 MoMi REVO baby cot features mattress inclination angle adjustment which will ensure adequate safe and peaceful sleep for the baby and for you. In hot weather, a mosquito net that comes with the MoMi REVO baby cot set is an excellent solution to protect your child from mosquito bites. The MoMi REVO baby cot set also includes an arch with toys that will make your baby’s time more pleasant and also develop their sensory skills.
Product features:
• 6 height levels and options to match the height of the parents bed
• Bedside function
• Adjustable mattress inclination angle
• Easily removable cover
• Washable cover
• Soft inside finish
• Airy and breathable mesh fabric
• Easy installation
• Small footprint when folded
• Stable structure
• Wheels for easy transport
• Long belts to attach to parents’ bed included
• Mattress included
• Mosquito net included
• Arch with toys included

Brand: MoMi

Model: REVO

Baby cot length: 90cm

Baby cot width: 56cm

Baby cot height: 82cm

Folded baby cot dimensions: 90 x 56

Manufacturer’s warranty: 24 months