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MoMi, Park, educational mat

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Children love fun, even the smallest ones! The Park educational mat is the first playground for your little one. Safe and so attractive that it never gets boring! 

A walk in the park without leaving home? Why not!

See what the Park educational mat offers you:

  • It is made of plush, which makes it nice and delicate, perfect for your little one’s skin
  • provides adequate thermal insulation, so your child will stay warm. 
  • The headbands are adjustable and have convenient sliders that allow you to change their position
  • The mat comes with 5 different toys, the arrangement of which can be freely changed, and they can also be used on their own. The set includes: 3 squeaking stuffed animals, a rustling and squeaking book and a mirror. 
  • the mat has a sensor panel equipped with melodies and light, and also has volume adjustments, which will allow you to adjust the voice volume to your preferences. 

Suitable for children from the first days of life.

If you are wondering whether it is worth buying an educational mat for your little one. I’ll answer you – it’s really worth it! Below you will find some arguments:

  • An educational mat is a safe place to play – the Park mat is an attractive playground, additionally fenced with a plush barrier, which will allow you to leave your crawling toddler alone for a while and not worry that he will wander around the apartment alone.
  • The educational mat supports visual coordination – colorful toys placed on the handles of the Park mat attract the eye of a curious baby, while supporting its development. Subdued, delicate colors help the child focus on the selected element. 
  • The educational mat supports the development of fine and gross motor skills – the toys on the mat should be placed as widely as possible, so that the child strives to stretch out, grab and move. The toys in the Park mat are hung on each side, which forces the toddler to move, and they are also varied, so that he wants to try new stimuli after a while of play. A rustling book and squeaking toys will also encourage your child’s hands to work. 
  • The educational mat stimulates the senses – thanks to the sensory panel with sound and light, your little one exercises his eyesight and hearing. Adjusting the volume will allow you to play with your child in search of sound. The sense of touch stimulates the delicate and soft material used to finish the mat and toys. 
  • The mat will provide mom with a moment of relaxation – light, sound, sensory toys are everything your child loves. While your little one takes care of these attractions, you have a moment for yourself – make some coffee and relax. 

These toys will surely interest your little one:  

  • 3 squeaking stuffed animals that will stimulate your little one’s sense of hearing.
  • A rustling and squeaking book supporting the development of the sense of touch and hearing. 
  • A mirror in which your little one will observe his or her first smiles. 

Have fun!