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MoMi LULU humming and playing plushie

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Which colour will you pick for your baby? Pink, plush bunny will surely be picked out more for girls. Lama is turquoise. A delicate shade will suit boys and girls. Orange fox is most universal. Just like the rest of MoMi LULU is made of soft, plush fabric which is delicate for the skin of the baby.
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MoMi LULU has light-up cheeks. On the inside of the toy, there are LED lights that is gentle and safe for the eyes. The ears of MoMi LULU rustle, which will encourage the baby to explore. There is Velcro on the handle so you can attach the toy in a suitable place. The legs-teethers are a useful accessory when the baby starts teething. There are protrusions on the Surface that will gently massage sore gums.


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Artboard – 2_1.jpg Features:

  • Different sounds: white noise, pink noise, heartbeat, melodies
  • 55 dB volume safe for the baby
  • Automatic switch-off in 30 minutes
  • Sensory, rustling ears
  • Teether legs
  • LEDs in cheeks
  • Universal holder for hanging
  • Battery operated

Brand MOMI