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MoMI LAMMIS 3in1 educational mat

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3 uses of MoMi LAMMIS are an educational mat a dry pool with balls, and a photo mat. Thanks to the photo mat you can mark the progress of your baby’s growth. They grow up so quickly, don’t they? A variety of colourful, sensory toys support visual coordination and attract the attention of a curious baby. The mat comes with colourful, soft balls.
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Each of the 5 toys can be detached from the toy bar and used on its own. You can wash the toys in a washing machine. Soft, subdued colours make it possible for the baby to concentrate on the mat’s elements. The fabric is soft and delicate for the baby’s skin. Additionally, it is isothermal. The mesh railing prevents babies from leaving the mat on their own. Thanks to this feature, they’ll be safe even if you turn away for a while.

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Artboard – 2_1.jpg Features:

  • 3-in-1 function – the mat, the ball pool, the photo mat
  • Thick thermal insulation layer
  • 4 hanging toys
  • 18 balls in soft colours
  • It conforms to the European safety requirements standard for toys EN 71.
  • The perfect set for the first gift!

Brand: MoMi