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MoMi KIKI carousel

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Thanks to the clamps the carousel is very easy to install. MoMi KIKI fits wooden baby cots and some textile and travel cots. The carousel can be attached in two ways: using a toy bar with clamps as well as without it using a strap with Velcro. Thanks to the second way, MoMi KIKI can be used in a car seat. MoMi KIKI carousel has subdued colours which do not distract the child’s attention. It has 4 sensory toys, which can be used separately, and it plays 6 melodies, including white noise.


Artboard – 2_1.jpg Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Subdued colours which do not distract the child’s attention
  • Delicate and soft toys, made from high-quality textiles, including velvet and felt
  • 4 sensory toys – rustling and squeaking ones, they can be removed and used on their own, not on the carousel
  • Slow rotary motion
  • 6 melodies including the white noise
  • The toys can be machine-washed
  • The carousel can be fixed to a wooden cot and to selected models of a foldable baby cot
  • To install it to the child safety seat or a stroller, you can use Velcro