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MoMi FLOVI feeding chair Black

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MoMi FLOVi is a feeding chair for a baby with three modes:

  • High chair
  • High chair that you can add to a table
  • Low chair for an older child
After shortening the legs of the chair you’ll have a low chair, which will be perfect for an older child. You can also use the option to remove the seat belts. Such a chair will fit a small table. Simple lines and minimalistic design are the staples of MoMi FLOVI. The backrest was designed so that it supports the back during meals.
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Upholstery is made of eco-leather, which is easy to clean. Just wipe it with a cloth and it’s done – no stains or discolouration. The double tray of MoMi FLOVI is adjustable, which means you can place it at different distances from the child depending on age and needs. It has a cup holder. The top tray is dishwasher safe. You’ll find included a small toy. It has a suction cup which is why it won’t keep falling. It’s a small thing but it keeps the baby happy while waiting for a meal ?

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Artboard – 2_1.jpg Features:

  • easy to clean upholstery made of eco-leather
  • footrest
  • double, adjustable tray with a cup holder
  • a top tray that is dishwasher safe
  • additional toy with a suction cup
  • high chair up to 15 kg
  • low chair up to 20 kg