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    Miniland Deluxe Pack Silver

    30.90 inc. VAT



    The most luxurious in the market!

    The ideal thermos for trendy, social and daring parents, who seek to enjoy moments and playful experiences full of elegance, distinction and style.


    Maintains the temperature of liquids for more than 24 hours

    The Miniland deluxe thermos is highly resistant and effective thanks to its dual steel wall, their exclusive aluminium layer and their vacuum chamber. In addition, thanks to the extra layer of insulation provided by the transport bag that protects them from changes in ambient temperature, the temperature of the drinks will be maintained for even longer.


    Three possible colours

    The Miniland range of 500ml deluxe thermos with chrome finish is available in three different colours, for parents of all tastes: gold, rose gold or silver. In addition, the transport bag always combines perfectly with the selected tone.


    The baby’s meals are always ready

    Parents can prepare the baby’s food at home and take it anywhere thanks to the carrying bag with a handle to hang in the pram, making the deluxe thermos a perfect accessory to travel or leave the baby in charge of another person.


    Materials endowed with exceptional quality

    The deluxe thermos is made from 18/8 steel (304 steel) which has very low thermal conductivity and very good resistance to high temperatures, being the most appropriate material for food storage. In addition, the transportation bag is made with highly durable materials that improve the conservation of the thermos against abrasion and protects them against bumps and scratches.


    Easy pouring system

    Parents will not spill a drop of the content thanks to the easy pouring system and then the click-on opening of the deluxe thermos, which allows them to open and close them with a single finger and without the need of unscrewing the internal lid.


    Detachable and easy to clean

    Both the thermos cap, which can be used as a little glass and the valve are unscrewable, facilitating the cleaning of all components.


    Bisphenol A free

    100% BPA-free.