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Magnum LIGHT PRO 02

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Discover Magnum Light – the latest version of this incredibly functional 2-in-1 stroller. The model’s design is based on the latest minimalist trends. The spacious carrycot is lightweight and provides comfortable conditions for the child. Wide functionality of a seat unit is also a key feature.

Magnum Light is available in three collections. The Standard collection relies on high-quality monochromatic upholstery. In the Light PRO version, both the carrycot and the stroller hood are externally covered with high-quality eco-leather. Magnum Light Special Edition is a collection based on materials with a unique structure. Each collection captivates with its style – choose the one that suits you and your child the most.


In the Magnum Light stroller, the carrycot is designed to provide high comfort for the child. The carrycot is widely adjustable and the apron is equipped with a panel that, when uncovered, provides additional protection, for example, against the gusts of wind.

The carrycot is made of EPP, ensuring its lightness and excellent thermal insulation . The ability to quickly fold it “flat” allows for convenient transport or storage of the carrycot.


Magnum Light offers also a seat unit designed for a growing child. The seat is equipped with an adjustable hood that allows adapting to the weather conditions. The backrest and footrest are adjustable, making it easy to put a child in a comfortable position. The seat belts grow with the child, ensuring safety during walks.

The seat in Magnum Light stroller can be mounted facing forward or backward. The convenient detachable armrest makes it much easier to place the child in the stroller.


Magnum Light is based on a lightweight aluminum frame that can be folded down into compact dimensions. Side Soft/Hard shock absorbers allows you to set suspension in a soft or firm mode – depending on the type of surface you are moving on. The frame also uses SAS and DMS systems, which are responsible for absorbing shocks and protecting against wheel lock on uneven terrain.

Magnum Light stroller features EVA wheels, which are non-inflatable, providing elasticity that makes stroller maneuverable. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about maintaining air pressure in the tires.


If the standard version is not enough for you, you can choose Magnum Light in the PRO version. In this case, the carrycot and stroller hood are covered with eco-leather. This combination looks modern and is very easy to maintain. How do you like it?


Get to know Magnum Light in the Special Edition version. Explore the unique upholstery patterns – touch them to feel the structure. This collection also stands out with an additional print on the stroller frame.