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Lolo Momi Ride on Pink

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QKIDS LOLO is your little one’s first formula! For the youngest users, the toy car serves as a parent-led ride-on with a safe barrier. For older children, it is an independent vehicle that the child can use both at home and outdoors. Additionally, buttons with cheerful melodies will surely steal your little one’s heart.

Product features:

  • A 2-in-1 ride-on operated by a parent and an independent vehicle for an older child
  • Parent handle and footrest can be easily dismantled without using tools
  • comfortable, high backrest
  • detachable safety barrier
  • detachable visor
  • storage space under the seat
  • stickers imitating car clocks
  • interactive steering wheel with 5. A variety of melodies
  • up to 25 kg
  • 2x AA batteries (not included)
  • for use at home and outdoors

Elements that can be dismantled:

  • Peak
  • Driving handle for parents
  • Footrest
  • A barrier protecting and blocking the steering wheel from moving

The QKIDS LOLO2in1 super car is a multifunctional toy that will bring joy to every child. It serves as both a pusher, which is controlled by the parent, and an independent vehicle for the toddler, which the child controls himself.