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Kinderkraft Neste Air (Grey)

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Main strengths

  • A cot and a separate baby bed in one
  • All sides are made of breathable mesh
  • Smooth adjustment of height and distance from the parent’s bed

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A cot with a universal design
  • The NESTE AIR cot is made for parents who want their own sleeping space, but at the same time want to be close to their children. NESTE AIR will give you a moment of respite during nightly feeding your baby, and in addition, it is perfect for hot days – it has a breathable mesh on 3 sides! This is an unusual cot, with 5-step height adjustment, which also functions as an independent bed. It is also very light and folds easily, so you can easily take it on a trip. As an extra bed, you can mount them on long, solid straps that just need to be pulled under the mattress. Additionally, thanks to the adjustable legs, the extra bed will fit snugly against your bed. Check for yourself why NESTE AIR is perfect for you!