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Kinderkraft Neste Air (Beige)

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A cot with a universal design
  • The NESTE AIR cot is made for parents who want their own sleeping space, but at the same time want to be close to their children. NESTE AIR will give you a moment of respite during nightly feeding your baby, and in addition, it is perfect for hot days – it has a breathable mesh on 3 sides! This is an unusual cot, with 5-step height adjustment, which also functions as an independent bed. It is also very light and folds easily, so you can easily take it on a trip. As an extra bed, you can mount them on long, solid straps that just need to be pulled under the mattress. Additionally, thanks to the adjustable legs, the extra bed will fit snugly against your bed. Check for yourself why NESTE AIR is perfect for you!



The co-sleeper cot has a versatile look, meaning it’ll suit most interior. All sides of NESTE AIR are made of mesh, this ensures that the airflow is adequate even on hot days and nights. The co-sleeper cot will allow you to feed at night without getting out of bed.

NESTE AIR is a 2-in-1 cot.  Its a co-sleeper cot (when its side is lowered), and an independent baby cot that can be used as a travel cot. The feet in the NESTE AIR cot are adjustable.

The NESTE AIR co-sleeper cot has a frame made of durable steel making it very stable. The height of the cot can be adjusted in as many as five steps. The cot will serve you throughout your baby’s infancy.

The angle of the mattress can be adjusted on two levels. If your baby has a runny nose and you want to make it easier for them to breathe at night. You can adjust the top of the mattress accordingly.


  • Bag for easy transport,
  • Soft mattress with dimensions
  • Net in front of the cot
  • Cotton sheet


  • The function of an independent bed
  • Possibility of connecting the cot with the parent’s bed
  • Replaces the travel cot
  • Simple and secure fastening system
  • Quick unfolding and folding system
  • Fits a wide range of beds
  • Protection against submission
  • Stable, reinforced structure
  • 5-level height adjustment of the cot
  • Adjustable at an angle
  • Easy to transport
  • Product easy to clean
  • All sides of the cot made of breathable mesh


  • Weight: 9.9 kg
  • Dimensions: 90 x 57 x 52.5 cm
  • Dimensions: leg width: 68 cm
  • Compact dimensions after folding: 60 x 93.5 x 15 cm
  • Mattress: 89 x 52 cm