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Kinderkraft Mimi Bouncer(Grey)

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MIMI Kinderkraft Bouncer

Does your baby love being swayed but sometimes you feel like your arms are about to fall off from carrying your little one? Then, give him a cosy place to relax – MIMI, a minimalist bouncer that will soothe your baby in just a few minutes. Its lightweight construction and easy folding will allow you to take your new helper anywhere – on a long holiday or a short visit to the grandparents. The baby will be able to watch humming sea or soaring mountains, and you will have him right next to you. Thanks to MIMI you will be able to take a break – your baby will gently move the bouncer whenever he feels like it. The soft material will wrap around your baby’s back and spine, keeping him comfortable and safe while you gather your strength having your toddler just beside you.

MIMI bouncer is pure minimalism closed in a beautiful form. Safety, comfort and chic in one. It will help to soothe the child even during very restless days, at the same time not providing too many stimuli. And when he wants to play – he will have two hanging toys at his disposal. No lights or loud noises. You can easily adjust it to your child’s needs thanks to the 3-stage adjustable backrest. The perfectly-fitting seat made of pleasant fabric distributes your child’s weight evenly, promoting a natural resting posture.



  • Natural swaying – your baby sways on his own thanks to natural body movements. You can also rock your little one gently on your own.
  • Development – swaying develops fine motor skills and balance. Swaying also promotes proper rest and relaxation for your baby.
  • Toy bar – 2 hanging toys will interest the baby and make his time more pleasant. They encourage him to stretch out his arms and practice his grip.
  • Scandinavian design – the bouncer fits perfectly into any interior. It will look beautiful in flats decorated in various styles.
  • Minimalist solutions – they won’t over-stimulate your baby and will help him calm down.


  • 3-stage adjustable backrest – easily choose the right position for your baby. Adjust the setting to the weight and needs of your baby.
  • Adjustable seat – the seat distributes the child’s weight evenly. The child’s spine aligns naturally, supporting the correct posture of the child.
  • Ideal for travelling – the bouncer is very light and extremely easy to fold up. You can take it with you on every outing.
  • Soft material – the bouncer is covered with pleasant to the touch fabric. It can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.
  • Quick-drying fabric – dries in just a few hours. Wash the fabric in the evening and in the morning the bouncer will be ready for your daily playtime!


  • 3-point safety harness – you can adjust the harness to fit your baby. They have a wide, soft cover to protect your baby’s delicate legs.
  • Stable construction – MIMI bouncer has a wide base, which makes the construction extremely stable. The baby will be safe at all times.
  • Non-slip elements – prevent the bouncer from sliding while swaying and protect the floor from scratches.
  • Standards – MIMI complies with the European standard EN 12790 for baby bouncers.



  • frame: aluminium
  • fabric: polyester



  • Length: 72 cm
  • Height from the floor: 58, 5/61, 5/64, 5 cm
  • Width: 40 cm


  • Length: 82 cm
  • Width: 40 cm
  • Height: 19 cm

Seat dimensions: W 28 cm x D 15 cm