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Kinderkraft Educational Playmat Matty

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MATTY reversible foam mat

  • The MATTY reversible foam mat is ideal for toddlers from birth.
  • Not only will it give your child a lot of fun, but it will also
  • help in the development of gross motor skills. And when the baby
  • gets tired, the mat will be the perfect rest companion.

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  • ✅Functionality: suitable for children from birth. it’s reversible. it’s great as a picnic blanket, mat for learning how to roll over, crawl, take first steps and play, as well as an ideal place to relax.
  • ✅Insulation: matty is 1.2 cm thick, making it a good barrier between your child and the floor. your child can have fun even in winter, when the tiles are cool.
  • ✅Convenience: matty is thick, so the child will be comfortable on a soft surface. it’s easy to clean – just wipe the mat with a damp cloth. it’s big, so your toddler can play freely.
  • ✅Safety: pvc free, non toxic. the mat is completely safe. additionally the side with the geometric pattern has a non-slip coating, which reduces the movement of the mat.
  • ✅Materials: the tpu coating stops the mat from deforming. a child can walk and jump on it without affecting the surface.