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Kinderkraft Co-sleeper cot NESTE UP 2 (light Grey)

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Main advantages

  • Two functions in one product: co-sleeper cot and cot
  • Four wheels with a brake for easy moving around
  • Mattress and sheet included in the set
  • Adjustment of the height, width, and angle of incline
Main advantages
Nights with your baby within arm’s reach
  • NESTE UP 2 is a godsend for parents of newborns. It’s a practical 2-in-1 cot that serves as a co-sleeper cot and an independent baby cot that can also replace a travel cot if necessary. NESTE UP 2 was created for parents who want to be close to their child at night, but at the same time want to get comfortable, good-quality sleep. You can easily transform it from a co-sleeper cot into an independent cot and vice versa.
  • NESTE UP 2 will ensure your child’s safety: it has five height options, as well as adjustable legs and fastening straps, which makes it easier to precisely tailor it to the parent’s bed. The cot also allows you to set the angle of incline of the mattress to one of two levels; this is an excellent option for children who frequently spit up or are unwell and have a runny nose. The cot comes with a mattress that has the appropriate thickness and density recommended for babies; physiotherapists recommend a medium-firm mattress, because this ensures proper positioning of the child’s body and has a positive effect on their development during sleep.

Key features

2-in-1 cot

NESTE UP 2 is a 2-in-1 multifunctional cot that serves both as an independent baby cot and as a co-sleeper cot for the parents’ bed. Simply lower the side and secure it with the material to create a practical co-sleeper cot and ensure a good night’s sleep for yourself and your baby.

Four wheels with a brake

Thanks to the four wheels and brake, you can easily move the cot between rooms. This will allow you to keep your eye on your child at all times and maintain closeness with your baby at various times of the day, from sleeping next to your bed to taking a nap during the day in any room.

Stable affixing to the parent’s bed

The co-sleeper cot is stable and safe thanks to three adjustable functions: straps that you place under the parent’s mattress, adjustable legs, and adjustable height (five levels). This means that NESTE UP 2 won’t move away if either the parent or the child is sleeping restlessly.