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Junama S line 04

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Product Description

Modern, multifunctional, elegant and classy – the Junama DIAMOND S-LINE model.
This 2in1 pram is characterized by a timeless black top cover with different colour bassinet to choose from.
JUNAMA pram designs come with the ability to install a bassinet while the child is a newborn and then convert the bassinet into a stroller-style seat for when your baby is ready to see the world!
Your little darling will feel very safe and comfortable right from the start in this sophisticated pram.
Pram comes equipped with large shopping basket, matching elegant nappy bag, rain cover and mosquito and more – ready & prepared for all challenges of the day offering comfort and safety at all times.
Worried about flat tyres? No problem – even in poor road conditions, the specially designed GEL wheels are maintenance-free and won’t let you down. You can’t get a flat tyre.
The adjustable handle allows you to push your child around with ease and no strain on your wrists.
Thanks to the frame with six shock absorbers, your sweetheart will sleep soundly even when it gets bumpy.
The easy one-button operation turns this pram into a stroller in no time.
Made out of eco-friendly materials this pram is a MUST-HAVE for every style-oriented mom!

What’s in the box

  • Lightweight alloy frame with wheels in desired matching colors
  • Super comfy and safe bassinet
  • stroller seat
  • matching handle nappy bag with changing mat
  • feet cover pouch for bassinet and stroller seat
  • large shopping basket between the wheels
  • rain cover
  • mosquito net
  • coffee/bottle holder