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Educational Mat BABY TIGER TROPICANA Interactive

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The TROPICANA educational mat is not only a place for children to have fun, but also a space to learn how to lift their heads, turn on their backs and crawl.

2 adjustable arches that are easy to fit.
The dry pool function will reduce toy scattering.
Soft, tactile and safe materials.
Promotes baby’s development – colourful animals are printed on the raised ones. Images encourage baby to exercise neck muscles and develop small motor skills.
Machine washable (30 degrees, delicate programme).
Original design – will be a decoration of every room. The pattern stimulates your child’s imagination.
Suitable for children from the first weeks
Safe for baby – has been tested and approved in accordance with European safety standards EN 71-1
Set includes: 4 detachable toys (mirror, rustling giraffe, plush and teether) and soft cushion

Supports baby’s development

The included toys and the colours of the mat support the development of your baby and encourage him to focus his eyes on it.
The colours are vivid and the animals printed on the raised sides encourage your baby to lift his head and exercise his neck muscles.
The rustling giraffe and mirror add variety to any playtime, encouraging baby to reach out and develop fine motor skills.
At the beginning the toddler learns to recognise colours and shapes, and in the later months of life you can teach him the names of animals or tell him stories to enrich his play.

The set includes 4 toys:

rustling giraffe,

Thanks to various aesthetic and cognitive values, the child develops its senses. The toys can be freely attached to the base of the mat and the arches.
The toys are detachable and can be replaced so that your child has as much variety on the mat as possible. They are attached to two adjustable arches.
Mat and dry pool in one
It is a 2-in-1 product. It can be used as a classic educational mat until your baby is about 8 months old – when he starts to sit up independently, the sides of the mat can be lifted.
This not only reduces the number of toys scattered around, but also creates a dry pool – you can throw plastic balls in there to play.

Adjustable arches

The toy arches have a universal connector that allows you to adjust their distance to the child playing.
A comfortable cushion is included to make lying on your stomach more comfortable. Baby can also play lying on his back or sitting down.

Beautiful, original design

TROPICANA mat is decorated in floral, tropical style.
It will go well with interiors decorated in various styles.
It will find its place both in the children’s room and in the living room.
The plant motif, intertwined with exotic animals, will stimulate the child’s imagination and help in getting to know first exotic animals.

Materials: polyester , plastic
Age of child: From the first weeks of life
Product weight: 1.04 kg
107x94x49 cm – mat;
86x79x 49 cm – dry pan
Tested and approved according to European safety standard EN 71-1