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A mirror for observing your child in the car.
The “akuku” brand mirror is specially designed so that parents can easily check what their child is doing while traveling by car. The mirror allows you to safely observe the child who is sitting in the seat facing backwards. The parent does not have to turn his head and constantly controls the road. 360° viewing angle adjustment – ​​will adjust the mirror to any needs. It turns in every direction. Easy and safe attachment – ​​Solid, adjustable straps that are easy to install will ensure stability and safety.
It’s not just a mirror – it’s a very important tool that increases your safety and comfort when traveling with the most important person in your life! Enjoy peace of mind on every route!
– Quick and simple assembly
– 360° viewing angle adjustment
– Wide field of view
– Clear and stable image
– Resistant acrylic glass
Material: ABS, acrylic glass
Black colour
Mirror dimensions: 24.8 × 18 cm
Mirror weight: 330 g
Weight of the mirror with packaging: 440 g