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Bresso Premium Class

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is a stroller manufactured with care for every detail. The frame has glossy finish (Aluminum High Gloss) and the bottom of the carrycot is covered with carbon-imitation foil, which makes it look really exclusive. The carrycot has been finished with an attractive aluminium profile, which makes it look unique. The new, smaller carrycot side handles make the pram even more attractive. Functional solutions introduced in the newest versions of the stroller will suit the expectations of the most demanding.

In the Premium Class series you can choose from three collections – STELLA, DARK, and SILVER. In each of them, shiny details harmonize perfectly with smooth upholstery. Which version will you choose?

In the carrycot there is a wide range of adjustments of the hood – you can protect the child from cold or wind. Thanks to the new adjustment system, this operation has never been so convenient. You can fold down the carrycot hood by pressing its handle or – just like before – by pressing the two buttons on both sides of the carrycot. To release the carrycot lock and detach it, you can press the two buttons on both sides of the carrycot or pull the lever at its bottom.

The unveiled ventilation panel allows to remove the warm air from the stroller. Adjustable ventilation grids at the bottom of the carrycot allows an extra fresh-air flow. At the bottom of the carrycot there is a retractable knob, which allows to adjust the backrest – changing its position is possible without removing the child from the stroller. The mattress is equipped with a removable cover, which makes it easy to keep it clean.

Just look at the new version of the Bresso Premium Class seat unit. Modernized system of detaching the module makes it easy to install the seat facing towards you or away from you. Auto-lock in the hood adjustment is really convenient. Hand-barrier can be easily detached, that’s why you can put your child in a stroller easily. We have also introduced an additional two-side mattress. One of its sides is covered with soft material,

The newest version of Bresso Premium Class has been equipped with Flexy Wheels. Thanks to this solution, you don’t have to remember to maintain proper tire pressure. Bresso has a great shock absorption, which means that it minimizes vibrations even when riding on sett surface. Rear adjustable shock absorbers and side Soft / Hard side shock absorbers are responsible for this. Thanks to them, the suspension can be adapted to smooth or sett surfaces.

The Bresso Premium Class is equipped with SAS (Shock Absorption System), as well as the DMS (Direction Memory System), which remembers the position of the wheel after it loses touch with the ground. Thanks to all that factors – Bresso Premium Class is really a proposition for the most demanding.

Bebetto strollers are compatible with Bobostello adapters, that let you install car seat of almost every brand on a Bebetto frame. Backlash reduction system and adjustment of an inclination angle – those are really innovative factors which let you transport your child in an optimal position (lying – for a child up to 6 months old, and seating – for a child that can seat independently).

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Bresso Premium Class Silver

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