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Breast Feeding pillow

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The Velvet feeding pillow is a product that every parent of a small child will appreciate. It facilitates feeding, and thanks to its ergonomic shape, it gives the baby some support. The croissant is made of the highest quality velvet, and its filling is made of silicone balls. These are elegant and useful products for every mother.


  • croissant helps during breastfeeding (bottle) and cuddling the baby
  • it also works as: a support for sitting babies, a cuddly toy and an original decoration
  • The ergonomic shape of the feeding croissant allows you to keep it in a safe position for the baby
  • adapted to the body structure of babies – the baby lies securely and safely
  • easy to keep clean
  • materials ensure adequate air circulation
  • high quality and attractive appearance
  • made in Poland