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Bouncer rocker MIMI Beige

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Main advantages

  • A minimalist bouncer for your baby
  • Baby’s natural movements set the bouncer in motion without unnecessary stimuli
  • 3-stage adjustable backrest
  • Very light, folds up easily – ideal for travelling
  • Detachable toy bar with 2 toys
Main advantages
A bouncer that moves to the rhythm of your baby
  • MIMI is a minimalist bouncer that will ensure your baby’s comfort and relaxation in the right environment. It will help to soothe the baby even during very anxious moments, and thanks to the lack of excessive stimuli the baby has a chance to calm down faster. However, the baby has at its disposal a detachable toy bar with 2 toys, which will make the time of relaxation more pleasant. The backrest of the MIMI can be adjusted in 3 stages, so you can easily adapt the bouncer to the needs of your little one. The comfortable seat with pleasant to the touch fabric distributes the child’s weight evenly, encouraging a natural resting posture. The bouncer has harnesses and is very stable, so you can rest assured that your little one is safe.