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We know how important peaceful sleep of a child (and parents too) is. So, it is time for an all-year bed linen DELUXE set designed for the youngest. It was made to ensure your children an optimal comfort of sleeping. The duvet is quilted with an aesthetic pattern and combined with a trimming. This enables us to increase its durability. The combination of micro phase and a 300-gram filling gives adequate circulation of air, and at the same time, maintains pleasant warmth. The set is completely anti-allergic and filled with silicone fibers certified by  OEKO-TEX 100.

– perfect for a whole year

– nice in touch and extremely soft

– anti-allergic

– filled with silicone fibers certified by  OEKO-TEX 100

– breathable

– it is aesthetically quilted which prevents the filling from moving

– edges are consolidated with a trimming

– size of the pillow: 40x60cm