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Bebetto Loren – Premium Class Gloss 01

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The Loren Premium Class stroller is not just a stroller, it is a true icon of modern style.

Its unique design attracts attention, but that’s not all. This stroller guarantees maximum comfort and safety for your child, while ensuring maximum comfort for you, regardless of the conditions.

What makes the Loren model unique?

One of the unique elements of Loren Premium Class is the ability to choose from different upholstery colors that have been individually designed. Each upholstery color has matching frame versions in as many as 3 different finishes – Sand, Gloss and Stella. The gondola frame fits perfectly with the shiny frame, creating a unique design that delights at first glance.

A distinctive feature of Loren Premium Class are sophisticated elements, such as additional stitching or embroidery , which give it elegance and uniqueness.

Technically it’s also perfect. The stroller is agile and easy to drive, and the maximum child weight is 22 kg (i.e. up to approximately 4 years of age). You can adjust the backrest to provide your child with a comfortable position from lying to sitting. The adjustable canopy protects against sun and wind, and the adjustable footrest makes the walk comfortable also for older children. The greatest comfort in everyday use is provided by the possibility of folding the frame into a small size with the stroller attached,  regardless of the direction in which the seat is mounted. This saves space in the trunk and time spent packing the stroller for transport.


  • Frame
  • Stroller seat
  • Gondola
  • Care bag
  • Mosquito net
  • Raincover
  • Phone holder
  • Cup holder
  • Leg cover for the stroller and gondola


Premium Gondola

The gondola in the Loren stroller is an innovative structure made of ultra-light and ecological EPP material, which insulates against cold and is waterproof. A large, adjustable canopy protects against bad weather, and on hot days, comfort is provided by widely adjustable ventilation in the form of detachable mesh panels. The Loren carrycot can be quickly folded flat, which makes it easy to transport and store.

Delicate interior

The interior of the gondola is filled with cotton fabric and an optimally fitting mattress.

Seat mounted front and rear

The seat can be easily attached to the seat facing forward or backwards. The child feels safe when he or she can observe the parent, and when the outside world becomes an interesting attraction for him or her, the seat can be turned to face the direction of travel.

Lying position

The seat can be easily placed in a lying position. Younger children need sleep and their naps often occur during walks. The Loren seat provides more legroom than other similar strollers.


Adjustable straps allow you to adjust them to your child’s height. easy to use with a solid buckle – basic protection while walking.

Excellent driving characteristics

Bebetto has proprietary systems that improve driving comfort. In addition to the SAS system (shock absorption) and DMS (protection against wheel locking on uneven surfaces), the Loren frame has lateral, two-stage Soft/Hard shock absorbers that can be set in soft or hard mode to adapt the shock absorption to the needs of the terrain and the load of the stroller.

Maintenance-free wheels for any terrain

Loren has an innovative wheel system. The “mini” front wheels guarantee excellent maneuverability, while the larger rear wheels effectively absorb vibrations, ensuring exceptional comfort while traveling.

Assembling in one piece

Folding the stroller in one element is an essential function of a stroller these days. It allows you to easily and quickly fold the stroller and place it in the trunk.

Travel system

Each Bebetto model, including the Loren Premium Class, has the option of mounting a car seat on the frame. How to attach a car seat to the Bebetto stroller frame? Just buy adapters and attach car seats from many manufacturers to them.