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Babyono Bamboo Carrycot Fitted Sheets – Paper Planes

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A set of two ultra-delicate and pleasant-to-the-touch sheets made of bamboo jersey, ensuring comfort for your baby’s sensitive skin.

The use of a material made of 100% bamboo yarn and attention to every finishing element makes the product perfect for young children from the first moments of life.

The sheet is perfect for carrycot mattresses, cradles and Moses baskets.

The sheets are a very good choice for children with skin problems, as non-woven bamboo has hypoallergenic properties.

Thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, the sheet gives a feeling of coolness in summer, preventing the child from overheating and sweating, while in winter it slightly warms up.

The sheet has antibacterial properties, which eliminate the growth of microorganisms responsible for the formation of unpleasant odors.