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    Baby Ono Storage Container

    8.90 inc. VAT



    Description of the product

    Containers for mother’s milk, juices and other food are designed for reusable storage and freezing of food. An additional lid with a mouthpiece enables direct feeding of breastmilk to the baby. Before the first use and after each use, the product should be thoroughly washed and boiled.

    Do not boil, wash the product in warm water with child soap and rinse repeatedly. Do not use other chemicals. The containers are made of special food grade plastic, free of Bisphenol A.

    Technical properties

    • the containers are designed for multiple storage and freezing of breast milk
    • the additional lid with a mouthpiece enables direct feeding
    • the containers are produced from special, food grade quality plastic
    • BPA free
    • 4 containers
    • 4 lids
    • a lid with a mouthpiece FREE!
    • CAPACITY: 200 ml


    packaging size

    8 x 23 x 8