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Anex M/Type (Ink)

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Anex m/type is a stroller for those who are constantly in motion and like off-road strolls. It includes all qualities that a great stroller must have: a combination of eco-friendly materials and high technologies. Straight forward in control, easy in maintenance, and comfortable for a child.

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Anex m/type – is a stroller for everyone who is constantly on the move and likes off-road walks. It has all the properties that a large stroller should have: a combination of environmentally friendly materials and state-of-the-art technology. Straightforward to control, easy to maintain and comfortable for a child.

Properties of the m/type strollers are based on usability for parents as well as comfort and safety for children. Therefore, the stroller enables real pleasure on varied and off-road walks.

Comfortable baby carrycot

The carrycot offers your baby a spacious lying area of ??78×35 cm from birth. Thanks to the simple click system, in which the carrycot can be removed from the frame with a simple movement of the hand, the carrycot is also extremely convenient for parents to use.

Ergonomic sports seat

The seat unit offers the possibility of a recommended reclining position for new-borns. The footrest and back adjustment of the stroller enables the choice of an individual height positioning including the lying position.

Compact frame

The compact folding design of the frame with the seat unit makes walking more comfortable and active. The height-adjustable handle is an excellent solution for parents of all ages to be more comfortable while walking. The triple shock absorption system ensures that the stroller runs smoothly and is manoeuvrable. Rotating wheels also give the ride more manoeuvrability and comfort, and make it possible to overcome obstacles on the road. The wheels are mounted with one click.

More ventilation options in a stroller

A window on the underside of the carrycot, mesh surfaces in the hood of the carrycot and the seat unit, a ventilated footrest and a breathable mattress ensure adequate ventilation.

Transformer basket

The functionality of the basket offers different options for its use: open, semi-open, enlarged and fully closed.

Easy care

The seams can be easily removed for washing so that the stroller works properly and looks good.


The optimal height for the placement of the bracket and seat unit. The child is always in the parents’ field of vision.

Air-free bike system

Wear-resistant and elastic wheels. These wheels are made of solid polyurethane.

Comfy Stop

The Comfy Stop braking system is activated and deactivated simply by pressing the pedal. Thanks to reliable brakes, your stroller will not move from position.


The stroller has an automatic protection system against accidental folding of the frame, called X-Lock.

Anti-wobble and directional memory

An anti-wobble system prevents wheel vibrations while the stroller is in motion and ensures a straight and smooth ride.

Two cup holders on the R and L sides

There are two positions for cup holders on the frame. One on the right and one on the left.

Water-repellent material

Strollers made of fabric with a water-repellent impregnation, also known as waterproof. Drops of water slide down without penetrating the fabric.

Removable bumper

This system allows easy adjustment of the bumper in the seat unit.

Durable basket

The basket can withstand heavy loads. However, do not load the basket with more than 5 kg in compliance with all standards.

Mattress with ventilation

Soft and pleasant to the touch. Made of elastic air mesh fabric, which is used in sportswear. The foam inside contains air holes for better ventilation. All materials are child friendly.

UV 50+

This stroller is made of fabric with UV 50 + technology, which allows it to absorb more than 50% of ultraviolet radiation.

Scope of delivery

• Compact aluminium frame
• Baby carrycot with mattress
• Sports seat
• Gel wheels
• Rain cover
• Mosquito net
• Leg cover
• Shopping basket
• Changing backpack