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Akuku Brush Set Grey

15.90 inc. VAT



A set for the care of your child in a comfortable and practical cosmetic bag. Scissors (with thin metal blades and rounded edges) and pliers will help you cut nails safely and securely, and the nail file will easily remove nail unevenness, protecting the child from scratching. A soft brush made of natural bristles and a comb with an anti-slip handle will take care of your baby’s head. A pear with a soft tip is intended for clearing the respiratory tract and removing water and earwax from baby’s ears.

Warning: In order to minimize the risk of the baby moving unexpectedly, it is recommended to trim the nails while sleeping.

The set includes: scissors, pliers, nail file, brush, hair comb and a nasal blower.

Important tips:

  • Disinfectants should not be used.
  • At the first sign of wear or damage, discard.
  • Keep out of the sight and reach of children.