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4Baby Twizzy – compact stroller Dark Grey

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4 Baby Twizzy – a compact stroller

Colour / pattern: Dark Grey

4Baby Twizzy is an option for parents looking for a lightweight and compact stroller up to 22 kg. Twizzy combines two worlds – it has all the functions of a standard stroller, but thanks to its low weight and small size (both after and before folding), it is the perfect solution for any journey. The 4Baby stroller has a fully adjustable backrest and footrest, a spacious seat with a detachable railing and a sun canopy with UPF50 + fabrics.


  • Stroller;
  • insulated foot cover.


It will protect against the sun

4Baby Twizzy has a fold-out sun canopy with UPF50 + filter. Thanks to this, you will protect the most delicate parts of the child’s body from the sun, providing them with thermal comfort and protecting them from burns. Additionally, the booth insulates against wind and rainfall.

Light and compact

Twizzy is a stroller with very compact dimensions and low weight (only 5.5 kg). Thanks to these properties, it is very convenient to transport, manually carry and store – it will fit in every corner.


The stroller is equipped with 5-point safety belts with soft covers, thanks to which the baby is safe. Additional protection is a detachable barrier, which, together with the belts, creates a reliable duo.

Viewing window

Sometimes during a walk, you have to look at the baby – when we want the baby to fall asleep, we do not want to appear in his field of vision, so as not to distract him. In such cases, the preview window will be the best – you can check how the toddler is doing without attracting his attention.

Fold-out backrest

Thanks to the function of unfolding the backrest to the full lying position, we can ensure your toddler travels in comfort, especially during a nap.

Adjustable footrest

Adjusting the footrest complements the function of a fold-out backrest – thanks to this, the toddler gains additional space, and the stroller turns into a comfortable lounger on four wheels.

Frame and wheels

The stroller seat is mounted on a light, aluminium frame. Additionally. four maintenance-free wheels ensure smooth driving and manoeuvring.